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Whether which club you support, you can’t deny Cristiano Ronaldo is one the greatest soccer player ever. Cristiano Ronaldo has transcended soccer to become one of the most famous personalities on the planet.

From George Best to Pelé or Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, here are 20 great quotes that define well what type of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is:

1) « There have been a few players described as the new George Best over the years, but this is the first time it’s been a compliment to me. » – George Best

2) « After we played Sporting last week, the lads in the dressing room talked about him constantly, and on the plane back from the game they urged me to sign him. That’s how highly they rated him. » – Sir Alex Ferguson

3) « He has magic in his boots. The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man. He has great, close control and his technique is excellent. He believes he can do anything with the ball, and that confidence makes him very special indeed. » – Eusebio

4) « The kid makes you sick. He looks the part, he walks the part, he is the part. He’s six-foot something, fit as a flea, good-looking – he’s got to have something wrong with him…. Hopefully he’s hung like a hamster! That would make us all feel better! » – English soccer manager Ian Holloway

5) « He is the best. The best in the world, yes. Probably the best ever. I saw Maradona a couple of times. I never saw Pele. But Cristiano is amazing. This man is the best… Cristiano is a goals machine. He is an incredible player. He is like Zidane, there will never be another Ronaldo. » – Jose Mourinho

6) « I had only one problem with him, very simple, very basic, which was when a coach criticises a player from a tactical viewpoint trying to improve what in my view could have been improved. And at that moment he didn’t take it very well because maybe he thinks he knows everything and the coach cannot help him to develop more. » – Jose Mourinho, again

7) « Ronaldo has come through for the past two or three years and is the best in Europe. I think at the moment no doubt Ronaldo is the best player. » – Pele

8) « When Cristiano Ronaldo gets the ball, you can just leave him to it while he beats player after player. » – Ryan Giggs

9) « He does things I have never seen from any other player and it really is marvellous to watch. It takes a great player to grab the bull by the horns and make things happen, but he has done it repeatedly. » – Bobby Charlton

10) « Ronaldo can do whatever he wants as a soccer player. There are some things he does with the ball that make me touch my head and wonder how he did it. » – Luis Figo

11) « Cristiano Ronaldo is priceless. » – Florentino Perez

12) « For me he is the best player in the world. A machine. Incomparable. » – Fernando Torres

13) « He makes the most difficult plays look easy. » – Henrik Larsson

14) « [He’s] a world star in soccer like Michael Jordan was in basketball … They have both been blessed with a genius that has never been seen before. » – Carlos Queiroz

15) « Cristiano is unique for his talent and professionalism – he is also extraordinarily consistent… [He] is an outstanding professional. He’s committed to the team and the club, he doesn’t talk much, but he is a leader. » – Carlo Ancelotti

16) « He’s 6’2″, brave as a lion, strong as an ox, quick as lightning. If he was good looking you’d say he has everything! » – English soccer manager Paul Jewell

17) « He’s a gift from heaven, he is truly a gift from heaven. Whatever he touches turns to gold. » – soccer commentator Alan Parry

18) « In the time I’ve been playing with Ronnie, the one thing I’ve noticed about him is that he can’t walk past his reflection without admiring it, even if we’re about to play a game of soccer. » – Wayne Rooney

19) « I have never played against anybody like that in my life and I was pleased to be taken off. » – English defender Robbie Ryan after coming up against Ronaldo in a cup match

20) « He might be the greatest athlete in the sport, but he’s a big baby. If things are going well he’s great, but when things are going badly it’s the ref’s fault, it’s his teammates’ fault. » – Hollywood actor Viggo Mortensen

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