15 most memorable Arsene Wenger quotes

arsene wenger

22 years at Arsenal were more than enough to cement
Arsene Wenger’s name in history of Football. On the pitch he was behind some of
the greatest success stories in Football and off the pitch he left behind some
great quotes all on various issues. 

Here are some of the greatest quotes by Arsene.

– Wenger took this sly dig at local rivals

“I tried to watch the Tottenham match on
television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep.” 

– On women

“A football team is like a beautiful woman.
When you do not tell her, she forgets she is beautiful.”

– On Alex Ferguson’s criticism in 2007 that
Arsenal had few home grown players

“I’m ready to take the blame for all the
problems of English football if that is what he wants.”

– Response to Alex Ferguson’s claim that
third-placed Manchester United were superior to title-winning Arsenal in

 “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest
wife at home.”

– On his recruitment policy

“We do not buy superstars. We make them.”

-On Jose Mourinho

“He’s out of order, disconnected with reality
and disrespectful. When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more
stupid sometimes and not more intelligent.”

-On his tendency to say he “didn’t see”
an incident 

“Sometimes I see it (a foul by an Arsenal
player), but I say that I didn’t see it to protect the players and because I
could not find any rational explanation for what they did.”

-On Tottenham closing the gap

“Have Tottenham closed the gap on Arsenal?
Last time I checked they were still 4 miles and 11 titles away.”

-On being coy in the transfer market

 “I am not scared to spend money. If you
go out with me one night, you will understand that.”

– When Arsenal fans greeted a 1-1 draw with
Middlesbrough with boos, 1998

“If you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to
return to sausages.”

-On being a loser

“I cannot classify the moments of happiness
and of sadness, but every defeat is a scar in your heart that you never

On Nicolas Anelka

“No matter how much money you earn, you can
only eat three meals a day and sleep in one bed.”

“A manager is a guide. He takes a
group of people and says, ‘With you I can make us a success; I can show you the

“Football is an art, like dancing
is an art – but only when it’s well done does it become an art.”

-On Referees

“It is well known the referees are
protected very well like the lions in the zoo so we have to live with their

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