Best quotes on David Beckham

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David Beckham

“David Beckham is Britain’s finest striker of a football not because of God-given talent but because he practises with a relentless application that the vast majority of less gifted players wouldn’t contemplate.” – Sir Alex Ferguson

“What remains in your memory is his genuine commitment and dedication, his natural humility which he always had, that will stay forever” Arsene Wenger

“Beckham has always been nice to me. He has always had very good words for me. I’m sorry I could never be his coach. I would love it. Now it’s too late as David is in the last years of his career” Jose Mourinho

“I would hold David up as an example of someone who was smart at maximising his potential off the pitch, but always balancing that by ensuring he was training to his best and delivering on the pitch” – Gary Neville

“I would be very proud if, one day, I’m held in the same esteem as George Best or David Beckham” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“We were looking through his playlist in the dressing room – there was lots of Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez. We were expecting some cool English rock bands and hip hop. It is nice to know that even David Beckham doesn’t have good taste in everything” Zlatan Ibrahimović

“His crossing was incredible. I’ve never seen a player more efficient in dead-ball situations: he was able to find someone every time, which is amazing” – Robbie Keane

“His work ethic was fantastic. He had fantastic stamina and a great right foot” – Sven Goran Erikkson

“I always like the way he plays. I always admired him and it’s very cool to play with important people. It’s always very motivating” Ronaldinho

“From the start you knew the quality he had and the professionalism. His range of passing and his free kicks were brilliant and that was no accident – he was out there practising all day long” – Paul Scholes

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