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25 Best Arjen Robben Quotes That Give A Clear Picture Of His Career

A legend for both Netherlands and Bayern Munich, Arjen Robben has undoubtedly been one the football’s finest wingers of the 21st century. Known for his speed and technique of maneuvering the ball forward, quickly while Cutting in from the right wing to shoot with his left foot, Robben has definitely been a joy to watch and will be missed by the lovers of the beautiful game once he hungs up his boots.

Arjen Robben

He are some of the best quotes by Arjen Robben.

  • “I have two speeds. Fast and faster. I don’t just run. I take it.”
  • “I’m not a player who will just sit and pick up my wages if I am not playing.”
Arjen Robben talks about Franck Ribery
  • “I think these 10 years I have experienced would have been totally different without Franck,” 
  • “I think maybe also the other way round. That’s something he has to say but we have achieved something amazing here at this club and I’m only very thankful, as well, to him because without him it would have been different.”
On the legendary manager Jupp Heyneckes
  • “He’s not only a great coach, but also a great person.”
On his least favorite stadium
  • “I think, if you ask [about] the worst stadium for me, it’s probably Liverpool,” 
  • “You always have your favourite opponent and there always has to be a negative one.”
Arjen Robben
On his signature move 
  • “I can be very proud of that because people say it’s like your own move, running inside and scoring a goal,” 
  • “It’s something I have been doing throughout the years and, well, it’s still successful.”
Arjen Robben on former teammate and Chelsea Legend John Terry
  • “How he gives everything for the team — from the first to the last minute. Out there, he’s taking care of every team member. And he does the same off the pitch as well.”
  • “I’m not sure you’ll know it then, just how much John influenced you. So really take in those moments with him. You won’t play with anyone quite like him again.”
On his tendency to go down easily when fouled
  • “There are many examples of fouls and you need to have a kind of sixth sense in order to see what’s coming. You have to try to protect yourself but it’s not always possible.”
Arjen Robben on former Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola
  • “I had a lot of fun under him and continued to develop myself. Also, because he has used me in different positions.
  • “Pep has established a very special style of play here. He is football crazy in a positive way.”
Robben in 2017 after winning Bundesliga with Bayern Munich and 10th league title of his career
  • “I am very proud to have won ten league titles in total and to have done so in four different countries,” the 33-year-old told TZ.
  • “But it makes me even prouder that my 10th title saw me draw level with Cruyff, Netherlands best player of all time.
  • “I will outdo him if I win another title. That is something that keeps me going.”
Reflecting on his illustrious career, Arjen Robben tells the Daily Mail that one of his largest regrets is a missed chance in the final at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™
  • “You can always say, ‘What if?’ But in the moment it goes like that. You have to decide what to do in one split second. And you will never know. The people in Holland, full of emotion, they say, ‘What would have happened if he had scored that goal in the final?’ But there was still half an hour to play and you never know what was going to happen. Spain could have still attacked and scored.”
Robben reflection on his failure to beat Javier mascherano at the 2014 World cup Semi final in Brazil and give Holland an advantage
  •  “I was more focused on the ball and looking at the goalkeeper and where I was going to shoot. We’ll never know what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been there with his big toe and the ball had gone in. But that’s football.”
Robben on Arsene Wenger labelling him a diver
  • “I always say if you are a big manager then take your loss, if you win be happy, enjoy, but if you lose don’t complain about silly things. It was two penalties but I don’t want to defend myself. From a big manager you expect a little bit more.”

Robben on FC Bayern critics

  • “People from outside always say we have to win the title, but it’s up to us to achieve it. There are no presents in the Bundesliga, so a huge compliment to the team.” 
Best Quotes On Arjen Robben
Jurgen Klopp uses Arjen Robben as a Perfect example 
  • “I will use the example of Arjen Robben. Whatever the world says about him, or thinks about him – he delivers.”
  • “One time, he will miss the easy pass and everyone will moan ‘why did he shoot?’. Next time, he will not pass and shoot from that angle again – goal! – then it’s ‘oh, good idea to shoot from there’.”
  • “He doesn’t care what the opinions from outside are, he knows how his team needs him to use his skills.” — Jürgen Klopp
Arsène Wenger on Arjen Robben tendency to go down easily
  • “He is a very good diver, but that is the way it goes. It is the referee – Robben is a fantastic player, but he doesn’t need to do it. He gets in front of the player, he goes down. We spoke about this yesterday. If the referee gives him a yellow card he will not do it again.” – Arsene Wenger

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