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With the bright start to the beginning of the new campaign,
Arsenal are now languishing at the bottom of the English Premier League table
with few points to show for it after eleven games already. Although the Europa
League form is quite opposite of the English League table but the Arsenal game
is undoubtedly lagging behind in their bid for Europe elite competition next

More so, the lack of results coupled with the little or no
creativity spark in the middle of the pack in Arsenal’s line up is worrisome
and many fans of the giant North London club are in fury with many grievances
to unload on the leader of the team.

Many would be unfazed with the result as it’s become the
norms in the rank of the Gunners and some will be hoping for changes and they
might need it now more than ever as the glimpse of consistency shown by this
team towards the end of last campaign and the beginning of this season has
undoubtedly sparked the wave of hope in the Gunners fans all over the world.

But they may have quietly and quickly changed after
Liverpool’s defeat despite many sportsbooks dubbing the Gunner as the underdogs with 5.00 odds
against the 1.65 odds given to Liverpool as the overwhelming favourite in the tie. But Arsenal however
convinced many in the Community shield with the hope that the team will yield
some positive result this campaign.

Premier league winner odds

But the quick turn of the tide have blots so many Gunners
favourite worried of where the team is heading as the genesis of the season
success story is going awry already but the season is still long and the
Gunners fans should be hopeful of better Arsenal and in time their patience
will definitely materialize if they can put their trust in the Spanish

Although the North London club
have failed to score from open play in more than 400 minutes of
English Premier League
football, which has resulted in one win from their
past five games.

But the Gunners current plight
can be related to Liverpool’s dilemma while the manager, Jurgen Klopp lost
three cup finals before finally turning the tides by
winning the UEFA Champions League and now winning the most coveted cup for the club he
coach, while even winning it in emphatic fashion for Liverpool in May.

McCoist stressed on Tuesday as
quoted by Talksports that “You just have to point at Klopp and the way they’ve
looked after him at 
Liverpool. They’ve
stood by their man because it was not an overnight success. They gave him time,
it was a four or five-year project and look at him now”.

“Arteta had that brilliant
start. He won the FA Cup and they were flying for a period towards the end of
last season. Everyone expected it to carry on again. But that’s not always the
case and it isn’t the case at this moment in time with Arsenal. So they will come
again and if it was a steady
process then everyone would be quite happy, but it’s the fact he started ever
so well and they’ve stood still a little bit now. That’s the problem.”

More so, the instant success of Arteta as the head coach of
the North London Club has salivated more fans into the opinion of Gunner’s
readiness to compete with the best in the league if not  in the world.

However, the shortcomings of these crop of players can
easily be seen in the loss of form from the club talisman and captain as
everyone’s creativity suddenly dried up with his dip in form.

However, all Arsenal faithful should understand that the
best course of enjoying the success that Mikel Arteta dreamt for the Gunners,
many have to believe in his gospel while waiting for the ministry of the
Spanish tactician to gear in full in the nearest future but no instant.

Many great coach have failed in the beginning and they turn
out to be the best decision the management of such club would have ever made as
the like of Sir Alex Ferguson hardly won anything for Manchester United in his
first full three season but later bow out the winning the highest number of title in the Old Trafford
dugout and while former Arsenal head coach, Arsene Wenger fell in the same
bracket of not archiving an instant success in Arsenal but the French man
became the most successful manager not only as the Arsenal manager but with the
club of London within his twenty-two year in the North London dugout.

While playing under Arsenal Wenger and learnt the tactical
efficiency from fellow Spaniard Pep Guardiola in Manchester City, Mikel might
have started to shine brightly with Arsenal’s job but the management skill and
players relationship have certainly made the prospect of this team brighter.

He relative adoption of young and talented player coming
through the rank is equally magnanimous for a club that hardly spent big and
cannot rival the competitor in the transfer market would be gapped by the like
of City and Liverpool,

Finally relieving Arteta of his job will cause more harm
than good for the North London side than leaving him behind as the aftermath of
the coronavirus pandemic economic shock have restricted many teams to spend as
they would like and Arsenal is not immune from this virus economic effect.

Although, Arteta’s team might not be grinding out the
desired result and their game play might be lacking enough creativity, but the
second half attitude of the team despite their loss against North London rival
and the European prowess is a symptom of greatness yet to unfold and it will be
ill-advised to cast out the work in progress team for an unknown charisma in
the current campaign, thus Arsenal fan all over the world should be patient for
the Arteta’s master class in the nearest future. 

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