Digital TV antenna installation from Matrix Solutions

Digital TV Antenna Installation in Albury Wodonga

Matrix Solutions are a team of professionals who are well versed in installing and setting up antennas. We provide our services to a lot of clients, both those who build new homes and those who have existing residential buildings in Albury Wodonga and the area around.



We are quite highly experienced and have a lot of practical skills, and we are constantly monitoring the latest developments in this industry. We offer a large range of high quality antennas from the biggest Australian manufacturers.

Finding the Best Match

Our TV master can install an antenna for a holiday house or an ordinary house or a residential complex, select and adjust an amplifier for a television antenna so that it will provide the strongest and clearest signal. Correct positioning on the roof will ensure the best possible aesthetic and ergonomic installation.

Once we select the proper antenna, we will install it in the right place, check all of the antenna system components, and then finally set up a TV in your house with the correct settings. Digital TV antenna installation and mounting may differ in different types of houses and roofs – tiled roof, slate roof, soft roof or flat roof.

 100% Guaranteed Work

Matrix Solutions provides you with a 20-year-old warranty on all new antennas we install and work with.

All of our TV masters are local specialists who are highly qualified. They can provide not only service but also advice.

Types of Modern Antennas

The types of antennas used nowadays are as follows:

  • The most modern option is a satellite dish. It provides you with high image quality and a variety of channels. Up until recently, this option was not available to a lot of people due to its high cost, but today anyone can buy a satellite dish;

  • An outdoor antenna can only provide you with a high quality signal if the transmitter tower is not located very far from the antenna itself. For the signal to be clear and of high quality at long distances, you need a special amplifier and a power supply unit. Only then will the terrestrial antennas installation give you the desired result.

  • The compact and convenient small indoor antenna is notable for its low cost, but its performance is also significantly inferior to the previous versions. For it to work as efficiently as possible, a competent installation is required.

It is not only the choice of a product type that influences the quality of the signal – antenna installation matters too. Only a specialist can do it properly.

Our Services

Our company provides the installation of television antennas of any type and any complexity. Here is a list of our services in Albury Wodonga

  • Installing and setting up antennas of various configurations in houses, apartments, offices and cottages. We provide a wide range of works related to installation and testing of equipment functionality. Everything is done in the shortest possible time, only when it is convenient for you. Our qualified technicians can offer you a variety of installation options;

  • We identify all the malfunctions in the home television system and do high-quality repairs;

  • We install TV antennas that receive various digital channel packages in Albury Wodonga and nearby areas;

  • We cooperate only with trusted and reliable television equipment manufacturers, so we are completely confident in the quality; 

  • Our specialists can carry out the wiring of a TV antenna to several TVs.

Matrix Solutions performs high quality work at the best prices with all the necessary guarantees. Contact us at for digital TV antenna installation.

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