Top 10 Countries to Find a Foreign Wife

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Nowadays, dating has gone far beyond traditional meetups in cafes and amusement parks, and international couples are a common sight. We no longer have to look for that special someone within the boundaries of our blocks, cities, or even countries. Actually, there’s a much higher chance today to find love abroad than ever, especially if know where to look. Here are ten best countries for lonely hearts looking for a wife.

10) Dominican Republic

Dominican women are known for their cooking skills, hard work, and good looks. Besides, this Caribbean country is probably the best when it comes to online dating. You can find a perfect match through one of the local dating websites and agencies from the comfort of your home.

9) Colombia

Hot Latina girls don’t mind escaping their unstable country, where most men struggle to provide their families a decent life, leaving their wives to get by on their own. This country suits best for those seeking a single mom, as due to the Catholic ban on contraception, thousands of Colombian women have to raise their children alone.

8) Ukraine

Due to the political and economic turmoil in Ukraine in recent years, the local dating industry continues to thrive. has become a big deal, and every month, hundreds of foreigners come there to meet local women, and teams of professional translators and interpreters are always ready to help them.

7) Belarus

Thanks to the beauty, hospitality, and a soft character of local women, Belarus is one of the most popular countries in Eastern Europe among single men. A typical Belarusian girl is fun-loving and easy to approach. She’s always up for all kinds of entertainment. Feeling loved and appreciated, women from Belarus will do their best to make their husbands happy.

6) Russia

When talking about looks, Russian girls aren’t that different from women from other European countries – you’ll hardly tell if a girl is from Russia if you see one on the street. But once you get to know them better, you’ll start to understand why Russian dating websites are so popular.

5) Japan

Here’s an interesting fact: More than 89% of US visas opened to Japanese women are related to marriage. The population in Japan is aging, and young Japanese people choose not to marry because they can’t afford to support a family. And to Western men, Japanese women seem 10-20 years younger than their real age.

4) The Philippines

What sets Filipino women apart from all other Asians is that it’s easy for them to leave the country. Overseas employment in the Philippines has become a serious business, making it much easier for girls to leave the family nest – both physically and emotionally. Most Filipinos work in other countries as domestic workers, which makes it easier for them to contact foreigners.

3) Romania

Romanians are some of the prettiest women in Europe. At the same time, many of them are well-educated, but this doesn’t help them earn enough money in a country with a bad economy. Previously, Romanians left to work in the UK, but because of Brexit, they began to return home – to low wages and hard labor.

2) China

Due to the one-child policy and the preference for having boys, China is seeing an imbalance: about 117 boys are born per 100 girls. By some estimates, this means that, in about ten years, up to 24 million Chinese men won’t be able to find a wife. And there’s already a lot of competition there, as Chinese women are soft and hard-working. The only problem is the language barrier.

1) Thailand

High poverty rates, a large number of single women, and the rare exotic beauty of Thai girls make the country an ideal place to find a wife. 

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