10 ideas for first date restaurants in 2024

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Today, everyone is meeting each other and dating online, with no hesitation and paranoia. Of course, for everything to go smoothly, it’s important to opt for a good dating site. Check out
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But no matter where you will find your soulmate, the most important thing is to make a perfect first impression! We recommend you to go the “classic way” and ask the girl out to a restaurant. There are plenty of various types, and it is important to choose the one that will be comfortable for both of you!

Here are 10 types of restaurants suitable for a first date.

First-class restaurants

The atmosphere here is chic, and girls love it! But it is quite expensive and you should book a table in advance.

Such places have certain rules (for example, official dress code, as well as etiquette requirements), the menu includes unusual dishes and fancy ingredients, the staff is extremely courteous, there may be a sommelier and some live music.

Eateries with flambé show

One of the best ways to surprise a girl on a date is to visit a place where you can watch the chef cook for the two of you!

Special flambé menu dishes are prepared right in front of your table and imply cooking dishes by short-term firing with an open fire. The show looks mesmerizing!

Casual places

The atmosphere here can vary greatly from brand to brand, but most of these restaurants share common qualities, such as reasonable prices, simple but cozy atmosphere, and unique decor.

“Modern” restaurants

A special feature of these trendy eateries is an unusual approach to decoration using modern elements and the author’s design.

Many of them follow the ecological principles and serve interesting, healthy meals. The emphasis is on Insta-worthy visuals and some presentations!

Family-type restaurants

As a rule, there are most typical dishes on the menu, but there are also places with an author’s menu. The interior décor here is simple, homely, and cozy.

Such places have a relaxed, simple atmosphere, but there are also expensive and family-style “versions”.

Restaurant with fast food elements

These places combine fast food menus but place an emphasis on healthier food and service similar to conventional eateries. High-quality dishes are prepared quickly and without semi-finished ingredients and preservatives, and the prices are quite affordable.

Chinese tea ceremony restaurants

Quality Chinese restaurants are very interesting places! If you don’t want to try spicy Chinese dishes, then order a tea ceremony — it’s a fantastic thing!

Tea in the Celestial Empire is the first sign of friendship. All the objects used in the ceremony and the sequence of actions are incredibly important and beautiful. In a special small hall, accompanied by quiet soothing music, the master of the ceremony shows you little miracles and tells you how to drink tea, how to understand its taste, and how to enjoy it all!


These places are perfect for meeting friends, business meetings, or a date (why not?!), because a cafe is a universal space for everyone. It serves coffee, pastries, and other complementary dishes in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Pop-up restaurants

A pop-up restaurant can be both a summer beer bar and a full-fledged restaurant in an unconventional place. For example, a large part of the pop-up restaurant is located in the renovated premises of former factories, next door to office centers or art workshops.

Each place like that has its creative concept, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Virtual restaurants

These places minimize their costs due to the lack of premises for serving visitors, and your order will be delivered to your door. It’s easy to find them on social networks. They can flexibly change their menu based on the needs of customers and quickly adapt to their wish lists.

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