To Serve Next-Gen Image Formats

How To Serve Next-Gen Image Formats (WebP) In Blogger 2024

If you have ever analysed your websites pages using Google page speed tool, I am certain a recommendation to serve images in next gen formats popped up. 

There various next-gen images formats including AVIF, WebP, JPG2000, etc. WebP is the most common modern image format. It provides superior lossless and lossy compression for image on the web.

Serving next generation images in websites has become crucial for improving page loading speeds. WebP images are 26%  smaller in size compared to PNG and 25-34% smaller than JPEG images.

Next-Gen Image Formats (WebP) In Blogger

Serve next gen images in blogger blog.

As you are already aware, optimizing a blogger blog for the best user experience amounts to doing everything manually. 

Blogger does not support plugins or image servers like in WordPress that can serve next-gen WebP images, but it is backed by a powerful Google image server.

Google image server can serve WebP images, irrespective of uploaded file format.

To serve next-gen images in your future blog posts or in already existing articles do the following;

First, you need to upload and add the image to your post. Then you have to go to the HTML view of the post.

Serve next gen images in blogger blog.

Once you are on HTML view of your post, simply locate the image’s code. The code should look like one shown in the image below. gif maker%2B%252839%2529

So, as you can see in the source URL of the image, there’s an s1152 part. Now, to serve the uploaded image in WebP format, you simply have to add -rw after s1152.

Repeat the same for the second URL by adding -rw after w640-h360 or whichever figure is shown in your case.

Once through, update or publish your post, the image is now converted and serving in WebP format.


So, that is all on how to serve next-gen WebP images on Blogger websites. The method is pretty easy. It also bolsters your website’s Page-Speed score, so you should definitely try it.

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