Mesut Ozil is on Newcastle’s radar

mesut ozil at arsenal

Mesut Ozil is quite an interesting player. At some moment, he was considered one of the best in the world due to his performances at Arsenal and Real Madrid. In fact, that’s the main reason why so many people now bet in Nigeria – for Turkish side Istanbul Basaksehir, which is the current side where the German plays.

However, there has been some quite interesting news as of recently. This is because it has been claimed that Newcastle has put its attention on the 33-year-old German. After the Saudi takeover of Newcastle, there have been literally dozens of players mentioned as possible future members of its squads. In any case, regardless if they sign Ozil or not, to visit 1xBet Nigeria – bet in the platform, can be an excellent thing to do for punters from Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Where will Donny van de Beek go

Donny van de Beek hasn’t had the most positive spell at Manchester United. He has some fierce competition in the team currently led by Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and that’s one of the main reasons why people should try top sport bet live on 1xBet for the Red Devils. Due to van de Beek’s situation at United, where he hasn’t been able to secure a permanent starting place, he has been linked with a few sides for a possible departure in the upcoming months. Some of these teams are:

  • Ajax;
  • and also Everton from England too.

Recently, Solskjaer himself stated that they never got a formal offer from Everton for van de Beek. However, considering that he is the manager of one of the involved parties, it is understandable that he would deny the information, even if it is completely true. In any case, people should continue to try bet live on 1xBet top sport events. There are always some fantastic matches to enjoy.

Paul Pogba is yet to sign a new contract with Manchester United

Manchester United’s problems don’t end yet. Paul Pogba is one of the stars of the team, and it is always possible to visit the best 1xBet casino online while wagering for the Red Devils. It has turned out that the Frenchman hasn’t committed himself to Manchester United in the long term. This is because, while his contract is set to expire in the middle of 2022, he still hasn’t signed an extension or a new contract. This continues to put the Frenchman’s future at Old Trafford in doubt.

There have already been quite a few teams linked with a possible transfer intention for Paul Pogba. Some examples include Real Madrid, Juventus, and even Barcelona, who are even more keen to welcome Pogba, as they would be able to get for no cost at all. In any case, the casino online 1xBet best place of its kind to enjoy alongside some excellent sports wagers.

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