Why is My Blogger Blog Showing Only One Post on the Homepage? Here is a fix

There comes that time you notice that your blogger blog is displaying only one post on the homepage when it is supposed to be showing far more than one.

If you have encountered that issue, thank your creator for finding your way in here.

There are several reasons why your blogger blog will display only one or sometimes two posts on the homepage.


In the first case, someone tampered with the settings authorizing the number of posts shown on your blog’s homepage.

  • To solve this, in your blog’s dashboard, go to Layout.


  • Click Edit on the Blog Posts gadget and see if the number of posts value is set to 10 posts.

    blogger blog

  • Then go to Settings scroll down Posts.

  • Make sure it is set 10 posts.

    blogger blog

If you’re still having an issue, there is another possibility too.

The newer Blogger themes will show a single post on the homepage if there are many images in the post, even if the images do not show on the main page of the blog. The same also happens when you insert a long table in a blog post.

  • The solution is to insert a jump break into the post just after the first image of the post:

    blogger blog

The original purpose of the jump break is not this, but it is usually effective in resolving this problem.

Try applying it to your most recent posts; if it helps, apply to all posts.

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