Most Popular Casinos in the World

When first gambling houses came into existence, they weren’t equipped like modern casinos are. Their offerings were mainly based on a few table and card games. Today, popular casinos are bright, glamorous, and have a wide range of games. In addition to boasting amazing gaming floors, they are located near hotels, restaurants, spa centers, and much more. This makes them more attractive, especially for tourists.    

Many celebrities walked through their tables and enjoyed the luxury of the place and its surroundings. Most people, when thinking of famous casinos, immediately visualize Las Vegas. Although some gambling venues from Vegas will be mentioned here, this list is not restricted to the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Most Popular Casinos in the World

Crown Casino

Crown Casino is not only the largest one in Melbourne but the whole southern hemisphere. In addition to popular gambling games offered by casinos, this one has a few other interesting options. First, it features a variation of the Chinese domino called Pai Gow. Second, it hosts a special kind of Roulette called electronic Rapid Roulette. Another advantage of this casino is the fact it’s on a great spot with a view of the river Giara.

Australia is also known for its access to an array of online casinos, and for online gambling tournaments. Locals here really love to gamble and if you share the same passion you should look for free spins for $1 gambling sites. This will allow you to gamble relatively risk-free and you can try different games that are available on different websites. 

The Venetian Casino

Located in Macau, China, the Venetian stands for the largest casino ever built. Its gambling venues extend for more than 50 acres. Visitors can find over 500 tables on their gaming floor and over 3, 400 slot machine games. If you liked this, wait until you hear why the gambling venues carry such a name. One of their popular recreational activities is no less than an indoor or outdoor Gondola ride!

The Venetian Resort 

If China is too far, you can visit Las Vegas instead. The Venetian Resort is filled with canals and bridges, and you’ll feel just like in Venice. In addition to this, players can enjoy a variety of games, including Roulette, Poker, and slot machines. Luckily, you’ll have no problem with booking a room as there are 4, 000 of them. If you would rather stay in a suite, there are plenty of them as well.

Grand Lisboa

Another casino located in Macau has a swooping 58 floors. Thus, it is the tallest building in this southern city in China. It features around 800 tables as well as 1000 slot machine games. Further, Grand Lisboa was the first to launch ring games and roll the dice in China. Additionally, gamblers could engage in Texas Hold’em for the first time right here. 

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Located in Connecticut, USA, Foxwood Resort Casino is among the largest land-based casinos in the country. It is situated between the cities of New York and Boston and nestled in a protected forest with a river. Gamblers who come here can expect to find various gambling options. It boasts approximately 7000 slot machines and 380 tables for Roulette. In addition, they have card and dice games, all of which extend on 32, 000 sq.m.

The Bellagio

If you watched Ocean’s Eleven, you know how luxurious and elegant the Bellagio is. Yes, they shot the movie in this casino in Las Vegas. One of the symbols of the Gambling Capital of the World boasts around 2, 300 slot machine games, some of which have jackpots of up to $ 2M. Additional activities that gamblers can engage in are fountain dances. It is interesting that water moves to the rhythm of the music. 

Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort is located in the Bahamas and is one of the rare buildings overlooking the sea. When visitors are not enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea, they can engage in poolside gaming along with exclusive invites to amusing tournaments. The gaming floor features 700 slot machines and nearly 90 tables.

Grand Casino Baden

Not to be mistaken, Europe has great gambling venues too. One such is a 250-year-old casino located in Baden, Germany. This place is among the most significant tourist resorts on the continent, and Grand Casino Baden is highly popular among visitors. It has stunning interiors dominated by red and gold colors. Inside players can find more than 300 slots and tables for Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack.


To sum up, the most popular gambling venues are built in such a way that people can never get bored. They are found in beautiful locations, often near water, and offer only the best service. In addition to a wide range of gambling options, they feature other fun recreational activities in which visitors can engage. It’s almost like a Luna park for adults.

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