Which Team has Won the FIFA World Cup the Most Times?

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most well-known athletic events in the world, attracting billions of television viewers. It is held every four years and highlights 32 men’s national teams from Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) members. The inaugural World Cup competition was contested in 1930 and was won by Uruguay.

The next FIFA World Cup is set to begin on 21 November in Qatar. Since we won’t know the winner until the final game on 18 December, let’s look at the previous FIFA world cup winners list since the event began.


Brazil has had the most success in the FIFA World Cup amongst FIFA world cup teams. It has won five times: in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. The country has the greatest overall record in the event, with 70 wins in 104 matches, a 119-goal differential, 227 points, and 17 defeats. It has been a FIFA member since 1923. It is the sole national team to have competed in every World Cup edition without missing a game or requiring a playoff.

FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup Winners


Germany is the second most victorious national team in international events, having won four FIFA World Cups (1954, 1974, 1990, and 2014). It has also won three European Championships (1972, 1980, and 1996), one Confederations Cup (2017), and four World Cup runner-up finishes. After the 2014 World Cup, Germany had the highest Elo rating of any national football team, with 2205 points.



Aside from Germany, Italy is the only national team to have won the FIFA World Cup four times in the years 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006. It has competed in two World Cup finals (1970, 1994), finishing third (1990) and fourth (1978). It also won the European Championship in 1968, one Olympic football event in 1936, and two Central European International Cups.


Argentina’s national football team has appeared in five World Cup finals, the first of which it lost to Uruguay in 1930. It defeated the Netherlands in the inaugural final in 1978. It won again in 1986, with a 3-2 triumph over West Germany. Argentina reached the finals again in 1990 and 2014 but lost to Germany. The team has a lengthy history of success in the Copa América, having won it 14 times. It also won the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1992 and the Artemio Franchi Trophy in 1993.


Uruguay’s national football team won the 1930 World Cup, defeating Argentina 4-2 in the final. It won its second title in 1950, defeating Brazil 2-1. The team has won the Copa América 15 times and two Summer Olympics gold medals in football in 1924 and 1928. Uruguay has the global record for the most international titles won by any country, with 20.

Aside from these nations, France, England, and Spain each won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, 1996, and 2010. The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary have participated in the finals many times but have never won the title. Sweden lost in their only World Cup final appearance as well.

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