Which teams do the Premier League referees support?

In the high-stakes world of the Premier League, where every decision is scrutinized under the unforgiving gaze of millions, there’s a lesser-known but intriguing aspect: the teams the referees themselves support. Surprisingly, amidst the charged accusations of bias and favoritism, a curious truth emerges—none of the top-flight referees pledge allegiance to football giants like Manchester United or Liverpool. Yet, in this landscape of whistle blows and contentious VAR decisions, there are unexpected allegiances and intriguing stories waiting to be unveiled.

Michael Oliver

Which teams do the Premier League referees support?

Some Premier League officials opt to keep their affiliations undisclosed, a cautious move considering the immense pressure they face in their roles.

Conversely, many referees openly declare their passionate support for specific clubs. Within the Premier League fraternity, these referees exhibit loyalty to teams not only within the Premier League but also in lower divisions and other leagues. Some are fervent fans, seizing any opportunity to attend matches when they’re off duty.

The Premier League officials for the 2023-24 season and their respective club affiliations are detailed below:

Anthony TaylorAltrincham
John BrooksLeicester City
Michael OliverNewcastle
Andy MadleyHuddersfield Town
Robert JonesUnknown
Simon HooperSwindon
Tim RobinsonUnknown
Peter BankesUnknown
Paul TierneyWigan
Chris KavanaghUnknown
Craig PawsonSheffield United
Stuart AttwellLuton Town
Jarred GillettUnknown
Samuel BarrottUnknown
Michael SalisburyUnknown
David CooteUnknown
Thomas BramallUnknown
Josh SmithUnknown
Darren EnglandBarnsley
Graham ScottSwindon
Darren BondUnknown
Bobby MadleyUnknown
Tony HarringtonHartlepool

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